GWDA 409 Graphic Design & Web Capstone
Projects: Sila & Cafe Noir

GWDA 422 Hand Lettering
Projects: Archfiend & The Clash

GWDA 212 Typography – Expressive
Project: Seven Deadly Sins

“Miguel taught me a lot while I was a student at the Art Institute and was one of my favorite teachers. He runs his classes like a studio, so you get used to working in an environment like you would in the real world. He provides intelligent feedback for your projects that encourages you to think outside the box or view something in a sense that you might not have come up with on your own. Multiple edits of projects help you develop a starting assignment into a well thought out portfolio piece. This also helps in real world situations when taking direction from art directors and clients and allows your thought process to mature as a designer. Now that I am working with clients every day I use these skills constantly.”