I’m a fan first. Every project begins with me becoming a fan of the client’s product, service or story. This invites enthusiasm to exist from the very beginning of the relationship. Enthusiasm begets curiosity and wonder. Fueled by this, I then adopt a hands-on approach to problem solving. I understand the importance of discovering and telling the client’s story, as well as identifying their specific needs, in order to deliver meaningful, yet simple solutions.


My Design Manifesto

I believe in the process. That strategy guides. That clarity is king. And that beauty lies in the details.

I believe in the power of collaboration. That the client is a partner. That listening is observing. And that discovery is rewarding.

I believe in questioning everything. That perspective needs to be challenged. That failing is learning. And that designing is problem solving.

I believe in reaching the heart of the audience. That empathy matters. That storytelling is the purpose. And that being authentic is poetic.

Above all, I believe that design is constant. It exists everywhere. It can make a difference. And acknowledging all of this will help us understand how to make the world a better place.

My Services

Brand Strategy:

Brand Discovery & Analysis
, Brand Positioning, 
Concept & Story Development, Naming & Tag Lines

Brand Identity:

Logo Design
, Visual Brand Systems
, Brand Guidelines and Iconography

Brand Experience:

Web Design, UI/UX
, Packaging, Social Media, Print Collateral, Environmental Design

Illustration, Information Graphics, Apparel Graphics, Photography Direction, Typography, Motion Graphics, Advertising

My Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my 12+ years of working as a designer, I have had the opportunity to appreciate all of the knowledge and skills I gained during my academic career. I was fortunate to have great teachers and mentors. However, I have also had the opportunity to identify and reflect on the gaps in my knowledge and the areas that needed strengthening. These reflections are what drive my desire to be an educator and teach new generations of designers. I strive to be the educator that I wish I would have had as a student. One that contributes to the development of not only the skills, but also the philosophies and mindset that will allow students to become strong designers.

Download complete teaching philosophy.